The Egyptian: Hymn to Aton (Bernard Herrmann)

for the Herrmann Centennial


Hymn to Aton

an unused cue from the original score for the motion picture, The Egyptian (1954)

arranged by Tobias van de Locht (2011)

c. 3 min.

instrumentation: femal voices (“12 mezosopranos unisono” as Herrmann suggests but a trio of soprano, mezzo and alto as featured by the arranger in the world premiere will also do fine), 2-4 flutes (“2 bass flutes” in the original version), 2 english horns (“2 bass oboes”), 1 or 2 harps and 3 or 4 percussion (sistrums, tambourine, bass drum)

world premiere: Kaarst, Vocal Trio 3D, Junge Sinfonie Kaarst conducetd by Tobias van de Locht, 22 May 2011

further perfomances: Cologne, Stella Louise Göke (soprano) & Tobias van de Locht (piano), 7 January 2018