Torn Curtain (Bernard Herrmann)

BERNARD HERRMANN arr. Tobias van de Locht

Suite from the unused score for the Alfred Hitchcock Motion Picture, TORN CURTAIN (1966)

Movements: Gromek - Valse lente - Sarah - The Killing

Duration: app. 7 min.

4 flutes (1 and 2 doubling piccolos, 3 doubling alto flute* and 4 doubling bass flute*)
3 french horns
3 trombones
timpani (2 players)
violin I
violin II
double bass

*optional parts

World Premiere: Kaarst, 22 May 2011, Junge Sinfonie Kaarst, Tobias van de Locht cond., as part of their Bernard Herrmann 100th Anniversary Concerts